Day 6

Hello all we are in Taipei Sunday morning Church Grace Baptist Church Great time. Then we were able to go and hand out Bibles in a entrance to a memorial here 160 in about 4 hours then heavy rain but here is the cool part that was all we had. We do know that can only happen when Prayer goes in front of us Thank you for being those people. I will try to get new pictures up soon. Please Pray as we go out and site see we will be a light to those around us.


Day 5 evening

We have left Sun Moon Lake went to Taichung  to pack packets did 4000 today. After today total handed out about 1300 Praise our God. We are now in Taipei for the remainder of our time. Thank You once again for following us and Praying for us.

Day 5 half day at Sun Moon Lake

We will be leaving Sun Moon Lake this after noon. So only handing out packets till noon but have to check out by 8 am. Going to try at this time to add some photos. Thank You all for praying we will travel today pray for safe travel and a big handout before we leave.20150602_172923 SAM_0632 20150603_211154 20150605_195007 SAM_0621 20150605_211618 SAM_0608 SAM_0607 SAM_0601


Day 4 Sun Moon Lake

We have had a Great day to this point 369 packets handed out today. Now we are going to town to work with 2 families we will split into 2 groups so we can spend more time with them and not be over whelming to them. This is a great new addition to this work. The number of tourist is down from the years past Pray that this will mean that those who do take the packets will share even more when they return. The rain has been light and spotty today by Grace we were never stopped. Please Pray for health with weather being all over the place. We Thank You all for lifting us up with Prayer your Prayers are a big part of what is happening here.


Day 3 Sun Moon Lake

Hello all today was a half day for distribution stopped at noon still handed out over 200. We spent the afternoon site seeing and shopping. Took a boat across the Lake to a Buddhist temple on a hill had Tea Eggs (eggs hard boiled in soy sauce and Tea. Some liked them others not so much. then some shopping in a little town with about 5 roads.

No Rain today them this evening we split in to 2 group a meet families in there homes who have non believer It was a Great time for all. No new professions of faith but this is not our call Only God will draw who he will.

Thank You for continued Prayer as we return to a full day of handing out tomorrow.


Day 2 Sun Moon Lake

Hello all another good day of distribution 335 packets were handed out today. The whole team is doing well getting better with speaking the phrases. We had a great morning and early afternoon then about 2 pm it started raining hard and that lasted about an hour which ended are handing out packets. Everyone is enjoying the different foods eating local foods. Went to a church near by worshiped with them then help with English skills for about 2 and a half hours. Was a great time for all of us. We now have a video on our phones and tablets that give the gospel message in about 3 min. in Chinese helps us share with the people.

Thank You For your Prayers keep them going they are a Great part of this effort.


Day 1 Sun moon Lake

Hello we have just finished distribution for the day 310 packets. Sunny and nice for the morning then a storm came in and we got some rain. We were able to stay and hand out more packets even with the rain. Most have not had any issues with jet lag or sickness one member is struggling with a fever today but seam to be getting better Please Pray we all stay well. the estimate is that we came in contact with about 3000 people today that means about 10 % took a packet. Breakfast and lunch have been good some different choices but all are enjoying. Many of us are still working on the phrases still not easy. Thank you for following us and Praying for us



We are on our way in San Francisco air port waiting on flight to Taiwan will post when we arrive


News Flash about the LBC Taiwan Team!

Hello all,

The LBC Taiwan Team will be leaving in, what seems to be, a very few short hours.  They are heading to Taiwan to spend 10 days volunteering in that country.  Please keep them in your prayers as they travel and do His work over there.  Thank you.